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Product Information about Store Manager for osCommerce
Store Manager for osCommerce
Store Manager for osCommerce
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Store Manager for osCommerce
Store Manager for osCommerce Benefits
  • Complete and Most Effective Product Management
  • Much Easier Order Management
  • Powerful and Quick Reporting
  • Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface
  • Get Started in Minutes more...
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Product Information - Store Manager for osCommerce

Store Manager for osCommerce was designed to enhance functionality of default admin web interface, bring new cool features, automate routine tasks and simplify day-to-day operations.

With the help of Store Manager for osCommerce you can create and manage your Taxi Gatwick categories, products, attributes, manufacturers; analyze your sales using multiple reports, add or manage customers, track customers' orders, send instant e-mails to your customers, and provide discounts. Also you can export categories, products, customers, orders into Excel file or .csv file, edit it and then import it back into store. And even more!

Store Manager for osCommerce is an easy-to-use escort bucharest Windows application with simple installation. User-friendly Taxi Heathrow to London wizard allows you to select few options like: to create shortcut or not, to install plugins and report tool or not, etc - basically, you need to click next few times. So, it doesn't require any special skills to run and you can concentrate on your basic business tasks.

See below for details about the program's core features.

Download DEMO version to get better understanding what it is.

Store Manager for osCommerce Features

Categories Management

Products Management

Customers Management

Orders Management

Discount Coupons

Locations and Taxes

  • Add, edit or remove countries, zones, tax zones, tax classes and tax rates in one place, thus saving you time
  • Define the address format for letters sent by postal mail, every country, ISO-3166 2-letter and 3-letter country code using Countries and zones section
  • View and manage tax rates and their configuration for individual countries and regions. This allows products to be taxed accordingly to where the purchase is coming from, and achieves a final tax rate value by adding or compounding the tax rates defined in the assigned products tax class
  • Define multiple currencies if you wish to accept payment in other currencies
  • Also, a tool is provided that updates your exchange rates according to European Central Bank. The reference rates are based on the regular daily convertation procedure between central banks within and outside the European System of Central Banks

Email template system

Email template system allows you to create or modify email templates. They are used to send confirmation emails to your customers when their order status is changed. You can:

  • Add, delete, clone or modify email templates
  • Insert macro to make your template personalized
  • Insert any image into your e-mail
  • Edit email body using HTML editor
  • Preview or send a test email to check the result
  • Manage email queue using Outgoing Email list


With nearly 40 built-in reports covering sales, inventory and customer data, Store Manager offers the best built-in reporting capabilities. Plus all reports can be modified and new reports can be created. When you open any report, the following options are available: print, save, see the report outline, specify page settings and more. Also there are numerous export options available. You can save current report as an image, PDF file or a table and open it later for deep analysis.

Store Manager for osCommerce allows you to compare data from different areas of your business and to help you in appropriate decision making. Making right business decisions in a right time will help your store to correspond customers' needs. And the more customers – and consequently, more profit.

Multi Stores Management

Merchants with more than one osCommerce store can manage all of them in one place - Store Manager for osCommerce. Simply store your configuration data for multiple stores and quickly switch between them.

You can export data from one store and import it into another store using Import/Export wizard. You can copy to clipboard multiple products or attributes from one store and paste them into another store using Quick connection switch. And much more. Multiple stores management becomes much easier if you're using Store Manager.

Access management

Multiple users with separate access rights to keep your store under control. Store Manager for osCommerce helps you to protect your data from unauthorized access and makes it easier for legitimate users to do their jobs. More specifically, access management translates business policies into Store Manager user access rights and then enforces those rights.

Other Features

  • Direct connection to the MySQL database (no additional php modules or server changes needed)
  • Instant changes - all changes you made applied to your store immediately, no synchronization, no delayed updates
  • PHP MySQL bridge - work with your store without direct MySQL connection
  • Embedded MySQL server - work locally with your data and put changes to remote database when all changes are done - will save your time especially for slow connections
  • SSH support - for secure connections
  • Supports multiple MySQL versions including MySQL 5
  • MySQL compressed protocol support for better speed!
  • osCommerce database backup / restore - keep your data safe
  • Store configuration - edit all store settings in one window. Should be used by advanced users who really know what they doing
  • Encrypted passwords for increased security
  • Native Windows application. Just the program, no server side scripts, no additional modules. Run the program, specify connection settings and voila - it works!
  • User friendly interface. Only few required options - you have to work with your store but not waste your time investigating the program

Store Manager Addons and Plugins

Store Manager Plugins and Addons bring additional functionality to Store Manager. Those are Store Manager extensions designed to automate and improve typical tasks/operations made by store owners or managers. By default, all addons are working in DEMO mode, in order to unlock its functionality you have to purchase appropriate license and to register extension.

  • Mass Product Changer - designed to automate and improve mass operations over multiple products at once. It allows you to change pricing for multiple products in few clicks, make product pricing "smart", and make it safe by automating
  • Mail Order Manager - designed to allow store owners to export Orders from osCommerce to Mail Order Manager Software by Dydacomp. Export/Import procedures are highly customizable, you can use filters to export orders filtered by some criteria. Import can be used to update order statuses as well as to create new orders at your store using order information from .dbf file created by M.O.M. order export.
  • Mass AdWords Product Ads - designed to easily create separate ads in Google AdWords for EACH product in your store. You can do it once for complete store, creating hundreds or thousands of ads or just select one or few products to create ads for.
  • QuickBooks Integration - designed to export your osCommerce products, customers and orders from your store to QuickBooks. It allows you to synchronize product and customer information between your online store and your accounting package, thus ensuring that order data is correctly assigned to the proper accounts.

System requirements:

  • Windows XP/2003/Vista 32/64 bit
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 1024x768 screen resolution
  • Internet connection

For MAC Users:

Store Manager requires a PC Emulator to run on a MAC
Please note that this does reduce the performance of the Store Manager software
Compatible PC Emulator (Virtual PC is one we recommend; you can get more information at: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/winfamily/virtualpc/default.mspx)

We recommend to check this page to get more information on how to run Windows on a Mac system

For Linux Users:

For Linux users we recommend VirtualBox and Windows installation; you can get more information at: http://www.virtualbox.org
Please note that this does reduce the performance of the Store Manager software

Quick overview flash movie

Overview movie


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osCommerce Manager - Store Manager to manage osCommerce and oscommerce store. Also called oscommerce product manager, oscommerce attribute manager, oscommerce order manager