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Store Manager for osCommerce
Store Manager for osCommerce  
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Store Manager for osCommerce
Store Manager for osCommerce Benefits
  • Complete and Most Effective Product Management
  • Much Easier Order Management
  • Powerful and Quick Reporting
  • Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface
  • Get Started in Minutes more...
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Store Manager Translations

We welcome partners to translate Store Manager software into languages other than english.
We offer 2 typical options for translators, but open to your suggestions if any.

  1. Translate and become MagneticOne Affiliate
    We will place affiliate link to purchase software in your translated language file in all demo versions we are distributing across the internet.
    You will get commission for every purchase that was made using your language in Store Manager.
    Please read about MagneticOne Reseller Program
    - see RegNow affiliate section.
  2. Translate and get bonus points for $149.00 - so you can get the Store Manager free of charge OR use Taxi Heathrow to London to purchase any other MagneticOne software.
    On the page below you can find all the necessary Taxi Gatwick software and tools to start and complete the translation. Additionally you can check out translator threads in MagneticOne Forum. Please make sure that translation you start isn't yet started by anybody else.
    Please read MagneticOne Rewards Program - Translator Reward

Software and other content required for translation

Files required for translation (click to download):

DKLang Translation Editor
Excellent software, required to do translation.
Click to see translation software website

English Translation Source Files:

Translations to other languages (beta)

Translations were made automatically, around 50-60% of all entries are translated.

Translated .lng file must be placed in main application directory, no other actions required to attach new language.

Please discuss translation issues and request translations in MagneticOne Forum

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